Be Humble And Circumspect Instead

Don’t dig your hole deeper by hiring an unscrupulous “life-coach” who is in it only for the business and not to see you through the transformation that you are looking for.

This is the chapter that is we associate with all the “there’s-a-time-for-everything”.

  1. To be born — — and of course, to pass on, to go back whence we came, that we…

Solomon goes all out in a “calculated dissipation”, having all kinds of pleasures to find out if there was a good thing for humans to occupy themselves all the days of their lives”.

Solomon doesn’t mince words as he starts with a bang, “everything is more tiring than man can express”.

  • That God…

Nothing matters more

Viviana Rose

I have a great interest in the intersection of psychology, philosophy, religion, social structures of power, and fear: the bait that catches us everywhere.

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