Rebel Intelligently. Don’t Settle For a Pre-formatted life.

To find your own way you will need temperance, patience, and knowing when to act.

It sounds like it only is a bad thing: “I grew up in a fundamentalist environment where ridiculous, cruel rules stifled and repressed any idea of free thought or creativity”, but there is duality in all of our experiences.

One of the values of having been brought up without freedom to think and to be yourself is that, if you are in any state of awakeness, eventually you realize that you must take the unspeakable leap and leave the situation, no matter the cost. Leaving the situation is going to be the trial of your life, but also its biggest enrichment.

Being born in any fundamentalist group is, by no means the only way in which people become not free to think for themselves and dull minded.

All you need is a lack of appetite for learning, an instagram account and a smart phone; even as you are swimming in potential freedom of mind and spirit and growth, if you don’t exercise it, you are still in a cage of your own making.

The smarter our phones get, the dumber (and lazier) we become—

Hint: our smart phones are wonderful tools, and we can use them to facilitate our growth and evolution while we are in this life, or we can mis-use them to dull our minds into pulp.

Are you in a situation where you are repressed? Are you unsafe? If so, you are very scared. Know this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Oppression, supression and repression go together, and DEPRESSION OFTEN FOLLOWS

Seek help.

Find a group that specializes in supporting people in your situation. Reach out. Don’t be timid.

Even though you are not alone, you are going to have to start the first steps with only the help from the invisible, intangible Source. Yes, God is a God of free will; God does not oppress anyone. A system of oppression, no matter how much they speak the pseudo “language of godliness”, their actions, and the spirit that energizes them are not in alignment with what we know in our spirits to be godly and of God.

(In the story of Israel, God was not impressed with them even wanting a King! That’s how much into free will God is). I Samuel 8:6

One day, Jesus, feeling annoyed at the religious that had gathered around him, quoted them Isaiah the prophet in Matthew 15:7, he said to them: You hypocrites! Isaiah prophesied correctly about you”, and then quoted Isaiah 29:13: “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught.”


So, If you are in any degree of repression right now, and you are reading this article, you could be on your way to freedom; you may start your journey today, or in three years. Don’t be afraid, keep connecting with your deeper self, where IT is.

If you don’t get out of the repressive, suppressive environment, whether you are in it willingly or it is imposed on you by community, group, family, society, etc., then your wings will atrophy.

There will be no flight; nothing will be truly real, and even the pain that is suffered appears to be without reason, without fruit or purpose.

Here is why you need to wait to go against the current until you have started to know who you really are:

Because fighting before this point may be pointless and may only make you lose ground. Be wise. Don’t be distracted. Read non-fiction books; develop a love for deep thought; you will find yourself there. And then…

Be prepared to act when the right moment comes.

If you are going to suffer, — and you will, suffer for your own life’s truth, not for someone else’s pseudo “revelation” for what your life should or shouldn’t be. Secret: when you suffer for your own truth, the suffering takes on a real meaning and is thereby diminished.

I don’t advocate being contradictive; I trust that this is clear, that I advocate for the full and free expression of the song of our hearts; a song which is always in harmony with the universal orchestra.

Do you remember the brave young man in the story of John 9:34 that had the audacity to challenge the hot shots of the synagogue? He asked them questions that they couldn’t answer, and he said something like “how about that, you have no answers”, and the old bearded men (I bet they had beards), took no liking to that, and did the very predictable thing: hurt him as much as possible: expulsion it was.

This was a big deal and represented a life change in this man’s life. His life was turned right side up and would have to start over.

Our psychology makes it hard for us; we get attached to old narratives and change is very scary in our heads, (if you truly watch your spirit, your spirit is not scared, your spirit is excited!).

Sometimes you are (lucky and are) given no choice and change you must.

But some day we will all leave behind the narratives that governed our lives.

As strong as those narratives seem now, they are always in a state of weakening; this is so because no narrative will resist the test of time, much less the test of crossing from this life’s experience to the next plane of our lives. (The erroneously called “death”).

I am grateful for my difficult upbringing; it has enriched me in many ways. I never would have appreciated the privilege and responsibility of having freedom, her value and her tremendous cost.

If you are seeking freedom you are more awesome and alive than you realize

Can we know or value freedom without suffering its lack?

Can we realize that we aren’t free if we never wake up? If we are always seeking entertainment?

What makes some of us seek freedom at any cost and others content to be sheep, goats, or whatever else?

Why is it important that the thoughts we think be truly ours?

And, what does it make me if the thoughts that I have I have inherited, caught like a virus, or received from someone else?

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I have a great interest in the intersection of psychology, philosophy, religion, social structures of power, and fear: the bait that catches us everywhere.

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