More Than Happiness, May The New Year Bring You Closer To The Truth Within You

“Happy New Year” is a lovely sentiment, I guess, because after all we all want to be happy. So, “Happy New Year” to all, yes, but there’s more. Much more is needed.

This year is different. Some of the reasons are obvious to some and not to others, but never mind. On a personal level for a lot of people that I know, this year is just different.

Being “happy” is not going to cut it by a long shot, let’s not even pretend. In fact, the future will tell whether this was one of the least happy years in a long time, or not. But this won’t necessarily be a bad thing for us personally or collectively.

Don’t get me wrong, I do wish to be happy, but I know that going straight at it doesn’t work, and that being happy is not the most important thing in our lives, especially as it relates to the fickle “happiness” we often talk about, as opposed to Joy, which is very different.

It’s just time.

I know that this will not always make me comfortable or happy, and that is perfectly fine; I am willing because I know that unless I delve into the truth, I will be stagnated, recycling the same thoughts, lame excuses and fears in my not-so-wise head.

Wisdom doesn’t reside in the head; wisdom is made of amazing sparks of truth that managed to escape the claws of the mind and the ego. — Me

So, while I do wish everyone to be happy, I wish more so that you be courageous enough to look at the truth and experience the discomfort that may come from that.

I wish you to be courageous above all else.

It takes courage to step into what we truly are.

Since so many in America are Christians it makes sense to use the teachings and life of Jesus as an example of the virtues that ought to be evolving in us, especially if/when we say that we believe and/or follow Jesus.

  1. Courage: Jesus is called the Lion of the tribe of Judah. — Never turns back. This doesn’t mean that we don’t accept our wrongs! This means that we never stop growing and developing no matter what happens. We never allow anything to make us bitter or cowards; we continue going forward through each of the experiences that will come in life.
  2. Courage: When Herod sent some trying to intimidate Jesus, knowing that Herod did have the power to kill him, he sent word back to Herod: “go and tell that fox…”. I wish we had a dictionary for what kind of insult “fox” could compare to today. Maybe it is the same as saying “ass”, — as in donkey. I don’t know; but again, courage. He wasn’t going to be intimidated or stopped by anyone. Truth can’t be stopped, so we better align to Her.
  3. Courage: When Jesus knew that they were going to come and take him prisoner, he opened the door and said: “I am the one you are looking for”.
  4. Courage and Integrity: At the peak of his popularity, when the people wanted to make him king, he fled and got lost within the crowd. He was being true to what he had said: “glory of man I receive not”.

So what if being praised and glorified makes us happy? (It does). Let’s just be honest and aware that “that” never lasts, and that we must be careful with it and pursue another kind of joy. Ask some celebrities. (I love them because many of them have learned the hard lessons of this arena, and have done so beautifully).

I truly cannot understand why it is a Christian custom to think that Jesus and God want to be praised all the time, like humans — the worst amongst humans at that, who are always seeking validation from everybody, never being satiated. Maybe because it is easier to speak the “praises” than to live them.

Universe doesn’t speak languages or hears words; Universe speaks spirits. “It is the spirit that gives life, the flesh (words, structures, forms), account for nothing”. John 6:63

And we shouldn’t fool ourselves forever; we can’t fool the Universe; and frankly, deep, deep down, we cannot fool our true selves either.

The origin of a lot of illness is, precisely, living in deception, either lying to others or to ourselves about things that our bodies know to be different than we try so hard to believe.

So this year, I wish you Courage; and then courage will give rise to more and more truth, and that truth will make you smile throughout your life, (starting immediately!), and on the day you die, you will do so smiling.

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I have a great interest in the intersection of psychology, philosophy, religion, social structures of power, and fear: the bait that catches us everywhere.