To All The Decent Men: Thank You

You are out there.

It seems every day lately we wake up to the news of another famous, big shot man who on the outside managed to keep an impeccable image while keeping a dirty secret. An image that seemed indestructible, but one that depended on the silence of the women they disrespected, coerced, and even physically abused, in some cases.

The truth is a fire, and that which is true is like GOLD: it only gets refined by being exposed to the fire; but lies are like dry grass, they burn as soon as exposed to the fire.

I am not against the “me too” phenomenon, — even though I didn’t post it because it seemed obvious to me that, if you are a woman, you have, at some point, been exposed to men who feel entitled to what they are not.

May no woman pretend that she knows exactly what it is like to be a man.

May no man pretend that he knows exactly what it is like to be a woman.

We need the humility to admit that there are aspects of nature about the other gender that we do not understand, and recognize that the reason we don’t understand those aspects is that we are made and wired differently.

  1. Women are more likely to let a man take credit for her idea than viceversa.
  2. Women are more likely to not speak up and correct a man even if she knows that what they are saying is not correct.
  3. Men tend to exaggerate their accomplishments.
  4. Women tend to be modest about their accomplishment when compared with men.


These behaviors are scientifically proven, and honestly I detest them because they are cowardly. They are designed to “keep the peace”, or to “keep themselves from being attacked” for the moment, but they do not serve men.


To all the decent, intelligent men who understand the enormous value of the place of woman in the scheme of the world, who understand that women have been subjugated for millennia and who want that to stop.


To those who control their impulses in the name of respect and decency, and to those who, despite the advertisement industry that shamelessly exploits women, retain respect for women, seeing past the manipulating schemes of commerce.

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