Wake Up From Linear Thinking ASAP — : 17 Facts About Awakening

We may look (and sound) like we are awake while we remain fast asleep.

We hear the sages and their admonitions, the ones who have delved deep into the study and understanding of the nature of things, — particularly the nature of ourselves, but we go right on staying the same.

If a truth bothers us enough, all we have to do is get mad about it and refute it with vehemence: there; done and dusted. Ahhhh the foolishness.

Solomon is only partly right in what he says in Proverbs 22:15: “Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will remove it far from him.”

No it won’t Solomon; foolishness is stuck in the heart/mind of not just every child, but every adult too, and “the rod of discipline”, — that my dad used liberally on us, does not drive it away.

— Beating up children DOES NOT DRIVE AWAY THE FOOLISHNESS, but it will make the child afraid of you, and resent you forever and need therapy forever, but it will not drive away foolishness. I trust that were Solomon alive, he wouldn’t write such a simplistic and erroneous statement. (He also assumed that every child will react in exactly the same way to the beatings; his assumption is wrong on so many levels.) —


One size fits not all


Do you feel any stirrings in your heart and mind, the wondering of what it would be like to have a different WORLDVIEW? (Exciting stuff!).


Waking up is hard.

Not waking up is harder. (Plus there’s a lot of life wasted).

Waking up confronts you with hard realities.

Not waking up keeps you in the oblivion.

Waking up moves you to let shifts in your life happen that make you more harmonious within the entire fabric of life.

Not waking up allows you to stay the same until you die, — at which time you will be wide awake.

Waking up is hard but it saves time.

Not waking up seems easy at first, but then it’s very hard too, and confusing.

Waking up will make you have different friends.

Not waking up will keep you around the same people, with the same conversations, and the same ideas and lives.

Waking up is hard and exciting.

Not waking up is easy and hard at the same time plus boring.

Waking up suddenly reduces the amount of people with whom you can chat and really enjoy the chat.

Not waking up makes it impossible for you to understand someone who is talking from the standpoint of being awake. You’ll think they’re weird.

Waking up is not being enlightened.

Not waking up is for sure nowhere near being enlightened.

We have the privilege to pursue awakening.

But enlightening is given without our involvement. We cannot pressure the Universe to make us enlightened, but we can show life that we will be faithful stewards of an awakening.

Not all are true teachers, we have to “try the spirits”: I John 4: 1: “believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God”. We can do this; it is not a mental task, so it is automatic. At times a glance to the eyes informs you that you are not in the presence of authenticity. Paul wrote of carriers of the gospel of Jesus who were after “filthy lucre”. (Just after money; nothing new.)

(A quick reminder: I am not religious, but I glean statements from the bible that contain wisdom and a point to what I am trying to express).

Have you seen someone vociferating in the street, bible in hand? Thinking in their minds to be preaching?

Yes, we all have. Hundreds of times depending where we live.

You know what verse those people are misinterpreting? Prov. 1:20: “Out in the open wisdom calls aloud, she raises her voice in the public square”.

They think they are the personification of WISDOM!

That is not wisdom. That is not what that verse means; it means that the universe is faithful to give us PLENTY of chances to listen to the voice within ourselves to something wise if we open our ears to it, and our hearts.

The scientific community is wise because they have not come up with an operational definition of WISDOM; good for them. Wisdom is not attained from the outside; it is what develops within us as a result of being in a process of growth.

We cannot become “experts” at detecting wisdom without becoming experts at detecting foolishness. Foolishness is in great abundance; wisdom is precious and rare.

You want wisdom? Be willing to suffer, and then you get to enter other realms if you got wisdom and not just experience.

You want to wake up? Pursue it.

How? State it to yourself that you want to become awake. Try to understand as much as you can what it means to be awake as opposed to living asleep. Find in yourself the materials for this ethereal “construction”: integrity, character, purpose. No flake wakes up.

James 1:8: “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

Be therefore, resolute.

Read books from well-established deep thinkers; truth diggers; bold, fearless explorers of fact; intelligent rebels, good change-makers, and be fearless yourself. All of us who love the truth and the exploration of the nature of things can give you a great list of books to read to kickstart this journey.

Let’s a bunch of us wake up, and let’s see what that can do to the energy of the world.

These things never happened, (no matter what is said or written), in collectivities, but in the privacy and intimacy of one soul here, another one there.

Afterwards we tend to find each other.

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