What does “Taking the Leap” mean? Is it buying another online course? What does “the point of No Return” look and feel like?

How many more quotes and meems of “the leap” will you take until you take yours?

You are seeking; your engine is revving; you know you have to do something (to serve your deeper truth), but how, and what is it?

Here’s something bold --for which I may get reproach, but here it is:

I propose that folks who are in a journey of growth respond to hard experiences by becoming softer, wiser and stronger, while folks who are not on a journey of growth respond to hard experiences by becoming harder, more cynical, more closed-up and less hopeful.

The way is within you. You are the one with the power.

Now, according to the story of Daniel in Daniel 10:12 — Daniel, a humble man who cared deeply, was told this, it is super cool:

Some lines are drawn in the sand with no witness other than the Universe; these are completely valid.

Maybe that is what “taking the leap” means… making a vow to ourselves with the Universe as witness… (no other person has to hear it or know about it).

Anything that comes from the energy of commitment to the highest good is going to produce good fruit in our lives.

Sometimes we have to burn some bridges

I burned several, and others, mercifully burned by themselves because I did not have the courage to ignite them myself.

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I have a great interest in the intersection of psychology, philosophy, religion, social structures of power, and fear: the bait that catches us everywhere.